Good evening Judges, the following statement from the ANKC, has been received by the OTEC.




The National Obedience & Tracking Committee has been liaising regarding the Obedience rules and how Obedience Trials can proceed and comply with Covid-19 restrictions.

Due to the COVID-19 virus and the various Federal and State Government requirements the ANKC National Obedience & Tracking (NOTC) has identified two areas within the ANKC Rules for the Conduct of Obedience Trials which require temporary modification, to enable compliance with these requirements.


These modifications do not change the intent of either rule but will enable the recommencement of trials once permission is given by each Member Body.  


Current rule:

Collars and Leads (Page 16):

The minimum length of lead will be 750 mm and it will be fitted with a quick release fastener. All dogs must enter and leave the Ring on a lead. In exercises that require a dog to be off‑lead, the lead will be taken off and handed to the Steward at the Start Peg.

Modify to - the lead will be taken off and retained by the handler at the Start Peg.


Current Rule

Heel on Lead (Page 18):


Description of Exercise for the Community Companion Dog, Novice and Open Classes

The Handler and dog must execute a 'Figure Eight' at normal pace in which they must heel at least twice around two Stewards standing approximately three (3) metres apart. There must be at least one 'Halt' during this portion of the exercise. The Judge may replace a Steward in the 'Figure Eight' or may take the place of a Steward himself.


Modify to two Stewards standing approximately four and a half metres apart.



PLEASE NOTE:  Once social distancing rules have been lifted, these two exercises must comply with the current Obedience rules immediately.



Member Bodies and their Affiliates are responsible for sanitising regimes for Judges and Stewards.





Tracey Barry

Administrator | Australian National Kennel Council Limited